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Working Toward (Not Past) Retirement

Retirement for many is the reward received for working hard for many years. How would you feel though if you were forced to work past your ideal retirement?

Perhaps you have envisioned collecting your hard-earned pension and finally pursuing a nomadic lifestyle or that dreamed of pottery hobby. But instead you have to keep turning up to work every day.

Clocking-in each day now faces you with the challenge of actually having to work harder than ever simply to keep up with colleagues who are a fraction of your age. Think how disheartened and grumpy you would eventually become.

Surprisingly, our computers are no different.

Computers have an ideal working lifespan: sometimes it is shorter than you would think. And “grumpy” computers can be difficult to notice in the workplace if you do not know what you are looking for.

Sure, it is obvious when they are slowing down, or when you cannot load the latest versions of software. What is not as obvious is the security risk they can pose. Older, tired computers are notorious targets for cyber-criminals.

Don’t force your computers to work past their retirement date. I’m sure they have served you well and change can be daunting.

Let our team talk you through the most up-to-date hardware that is suitable for your individual business. An improved IT strategy will keep you invigorated while you wait for your retirement boat to come in.

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