Suite 1211 The Hub, 31 Lasso Rd, Gregory Hills NSW 2557

Industry Sector: Logistics Service

Client Since: 2013


T&DC Supply Chain Solutions

What has been your experience with Katana managing your IT ?

Katana IT have been involved with managing the IT requirements for T&DC for a number of years now and we have found them to be responsive and knowledgeable in their field. They have become part of our business through their open communication and friendliness with our staff. They are not a supplier that holds you at arms length. To us it is a personal connection they display that makes the difference.

What’s a project or area Katana has been able to improve your IT processes or infrastructure ?

During the time that Katana IT have managed the IT requirements for T&DC, we have had many project related activities that Katana IT have guided us through. New hardware roll outs to software upgrades along with advice and assistance on progressing a major IT platform change for our core business function.

Whats your general thoughts on Katana IT staff ?

Katana IT have assisted in times of “dire need” from an IT perspective. These instances could be as simple as not being able to log on remotely when out of the office, internet drop outs, PC/software issues, to hardware problems….things that will stop a business functioning if assistance is not as quick as the “000 Emergency Services” type of response time. In all seriousness, if Katana IT didn’t respond as they do now and help solve the day to day issues – that we don’t know how/can’t find the solution to – simply and quickly, we would be in a pickle – without question. They are responsive, agile and capable.

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