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Let’s Starting Talking about the EOFY

The end of financial year is a mere six weeks away.

This makes now the perfect time to take a step back and see how everything in your business is going, and where your future is heading.

One big bank states these five points as a starting point to help assist in getting yourself organised:

  • Make sure your records are up to date
  • Simplify your accounting
  • Know what items you may be able to claim deductions for
  • Ensure you have met your superannuation requirements
  • Diarise important dates when you must act and submit documents* 

But it is not only the internals of a business that often need an overview, it can be the environment that we still / stand / manufacture in all day that could use a revision.

When was the last time your desk drawers were cleaned out?

Has your computers desktop become covered in links and icons it’s actually harder to get anything done?

Would some of your files benefit from archiving?

Could a cordless keyboard and mouse create a cleaner desk, and a clearer mind?

At Katana IT we practise what we teach. Our head office is undergoing a refresh with newly installed ergonomic furniture, inventory stocktakes and a thorough “spring clean”. These simple steps allow our technicians to respond more efficiently to our customers requirements.

It can be easy to stop seeing any clutter when you are hard at work serving your customers. If you think your business could use an IT audit to help with productivity, contact Wade today.

* Ref: https://www.westpac.com.au/business-banking/business-help/cash-flow/eofy-checklist/

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