Katana IT Website Management  

Designed to take the headaches out of Website Management, leave the hard stuff to us so you can focus on making your website rock. Using a suite of leading tools and our industry knowledge, we can keep your website monitored, safe & secure.

Our website monitoring provides you with peace of mind knowing that if your site goes down, one of our technicians will get it back online for you within our agreed SLA times* , our plans also include a discount on our hourly rate – should you need any work done to your site outside of what is already covered.

The security tools that we install on your site will be complimented with active site management – we will personally log onto your site at set intervals to ensure everything is 100% and regularly cycle your sites encryption keys – among other things, to ensure your site is up to date and ready to fend off any sneaky hackers.

Lastly, your site is backed up in real time to an external, secure server for safe keeping with unlimited site revisions, just in case you edit the wrong page and only notice, 3 months later.

Can be implemented onto any WordPress or Joomla site, if you are running a different CMS (Or any other Web Application) we can sort out a customized plan for you, contact us for more information.

Choose Your Plan
  •    Brute Force Protection
  •    Domain Expiry Monitoring
  •    Auto Login Lockout
  •    2FA and CAPTCHA Authentication
  •    Customised Security Policy
  •    Realtime Monitoring
  •    Site Backup
  •    Backup Retention
  •    Discount Rate for Changes
  •    Content Updates / month


$199/ month
$199/ month
  • Realtime
  • Unlimited
  • 2 Hours Included


$29/ month
$29/ month
  • Daily
  • 28 Days


$19/ month
$19/ month