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Is Your Staff’s Time Being Stolen?

At some point in the last six months, maybe you have been on a Zoom call or chatting away in Microsoft Teams. And you have wondered what would have happened if Covid had come along in the 1980s or even 1990s.    

Let’s be honest… the world would have totally shut down. Business would have completely ground to a halt.

We could not have done the last 12 months without the amazing technology that we now totally take for granted. Depending how old you are, what we can do easily today was literally the stuff of dreams just 20 years ago. But as much as great IT has made working from home easier and enabled many businesses to keep going, we also must remember that bad IT can still be a massive time thief.

We have all become so reliant on computers that we have forgotten how to perform simple tasks ourselves. We can go into panic mode when they stop doing what we expect of them. Most businesses find that even the most committed staff in the world will jump at the chance for a little bit of office down time. So, when computers are not doing their job that’s a great opportunity to down tools and do very little.

That is not to say that all employees want to take the easy way out. There will be others who like a challenge and want to try their best to make things better, using their own limited IT knowledge or good old Google to guide them.

Unfortunately, IT set ups are complex. If you do not really know what you are doing you could end up digging a far bigger hole for you and your entire organization. Well-meaning staff, no matter how lovely and helpful they might be, can cause more problems than you could ever imagine.

Just like you would not want someone who did a biology class 20 years ago to perform open heart surgery on you, you really don’t want someone who’s just watched a couple of YouTube tutorials fixing your business’s computer system.

This is what we do, day in, day out. And we’re the local experts.

If you want to ensure that your workforce does not grind to a halt when things stop running smoothly, it pays to invest in experts who can:

a) Stop most things from going wrong in the first place, and

b) When they do go wrong, get you back on track quickly and reliably

That means minimal downtime, less chatting and more Getting Things Done.

Contact Wade today to see how he can help make the most out your staff’s time.

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