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Is This The Switching Season For Your IT Support?

How satisfied are you with your IT support team? How well did they look after you last year?

With the pandemic forcing massive urgent technology changes for millions of businesses, the quality of their IT support contributed to whether businesses thrived, survived, or struggled last year.

The start of a new year is an opportunity to plan and change. With the hope that 2021 won’t be as destabilizing as 2020 was.

A key element of your success will be making sure that you’re working with the right people to support your growth.

If your business needs better IT support from someone you can partner with, now’s the time to switch.

Be clear on why you’re switching

Before looking for a new IT partner to work with, you must first be clear why you’re looking to move away.

Is your current IT company difficult to get hold of? Do they take too long to fix problems? Are they not proactive enough to stop problems happening in the first place?

Make a list of issues you’ve faced. And speak openly with your prospective new IT partner about what went wrong.

Clarity on the problems you faced with the last company will help make sure you pick the right partner for the future.

Switching IT partners is a lot easier than you think

The first thing to check is your contract. How long are you tied in, and how simple is it to bring it to a close?

Much of the risk and complexity around making the change can be reduced by having openconversations with both your old and new IT  support partner.

You’ll want them to work together to do an effective handover. And allow your new partner to clear up any outstanding problems or complicated  situations that are holding back your business.

Switching IT partner may be the best decision you make for your business this year.

We’d love to talk to you if you’re thinking of switching or need some advice.

Let’s set up a no obligation call and you can tell us all about your business needs.

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