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How to set up a home office for the long term

As we continue to see the pandemic change, it is likely many people will continue to work from home. Many Australians have already set up makeshift home office zones; but these may not work well for the long term. Here are some suggestions to allow your home workspace to function for your work requirements while supporting your health.

A long-term home office should ideally be a dedicated space in your home that is properly established for your work requirements.

Safe work Australia has provided this checklist as a guide:

In summary, you should consider the following elements, taking into consideration your duties, tasks and activities:

1. Use an adjustable desk chair that provides back support and flat feet

2. Your work surface should be flat, large enough for your needs and at a suitable height

3. Computer screens should be placed directly in front of you with the top of your screen at eye level one arms length away. Laptops should be positioned onto a stand.

4. Your keyboard and mouse should be on the same level, and positioned at least 10 to 15 cms away from the edge of the work surface. Use of a separate mouse and keyboard if working from a laptop

5. Adequate lighting is essential. Consider how the light changes throughout the day

6. The path to your workstation should be clear and free from trip hazards, such as cords

7. Do not over power outlets

8. Keep all equipment safe, well maintained and in good order. Just as in the office, consider in-home safety like smoke alarms

9. Move regularly to avoid fatigue and injury

We can directly assist establish your safe workspace for the long term by recommending the following items, all of which we can arrange delivery:

  • A keyboard and mouse that is wireless and responsive
  • A comfortable headset that blocks out unwanted distractions and stops you cradling your mobile with your shoulder
  • docking station if you use a laptop, so you can leave all the other connections alone
  • Surge protectors to protect our equipment during a storm
  • An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can buy you enough time to safely shut down your computer and complete any saves. A large UPS can let you work for an hour or more

Contact Wade to have your home office, or the home office of your employees established correctly today.

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