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Improve for the future

The new financial year has arrived and the current global economy is still unbalanced due to the pandemic. It can appear daunting to keep your business moving into the future when so much seems unknown right now. One way we can help is by putting forward the simple question: Are you operating a pape
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Ensure your mobile phone is secure

It would be safe to say a large portion of businesses have at least one, if not all, of their employees making use of a mobile phone for work related purposes. Since 2018, cyber-attacks on smart phones have increased year on year. And it makes sense. They are the perfect target for an attack. People
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Have you started a bad habit?

Most people have some form of a bad habit. You may initially think of habits such as nailing biting, drinking too much caffeine or staying up for “just one more episode”. While these are bad personal habits, there are work ones too. People may not even realise that the habits that they are in co
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Let’s Starting Talking about the EOFY

The end of financial year is a mere six weeks away. This makes now the perfect time to take a step back and see how everything in your business is going, and where your future is heading. One big bank states these five points as a starting point to help assist in getting yourself organised: [&hellip
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Working Toward (Not Past) Retirement

Retirement for many is the reward received for working hard for many years. How would you feel though if you were forced to work past your ideal retirement? Perhaps you have envisioned collecting your hard-earned pension and finally pursuing a nomadic lifestyle or that dreamed of pottery hobby. But
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Why Is Ransomware So Unnerving To I.T. Professionals

Ransomware may be the most terrifying cybersecurity threat computers face. There are few things as scary for I.T. professionals as the prospect of their systems locking up with hackers demanding money to return things back to normal. How does ransomware spread? There are several ways that ransomware
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Is Your Staff’s Time Being Stolen?

At some point in the last six months, maybe you have been on a Zoom call or chatting away in Microsoft Teams. And you have wondered what would have happened if Covid had come along in the 1980s or even 1990s.     Let’s be honest… the world would have totally shut down. Busine
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IT Compliance vs IT Security: What’s the Difference?

How do we create comprehensive security programs while meeting compliance obligations? What’s the difference between IT Security and IT Compliance ? IT Security Information Security (IS) is the practice of exercising due diligence to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of crit
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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Technology Operations Audited

Audits can often make the most seasoned professional hide in the corner. At Katana IT, we prefer to look at audits in a much more positive light. We see audits as an opportunity to continuously improve your technology and ensure it is aligned with your current business operations.
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Why Restart Your Computer?

Many of us leave our computers running for extended periods. Perhaps you don’t want to shut down your 2 browsers with 20 important tabs open. Or perhaps you have several files open and don’t want to have to find & re-open them all later. But did you know that your computer benefits from peri
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