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Website Domain Registration

How to register the perfect domain name for your business

Choose a Relevant Domain Name

For an effective website ranking, you should work slowly on website domain registration. Think about what makes a domain name relevant to your audience. You need to choose a domain name that makes sense. It should match the business name, service, product or topic that you want to promote online.

Keep it Short and Simple

As a general rule, it is easier to manage a short domain name rather than a long one. You want to make it easy for people to remember and type. It must be a unique domain name that isn’t already registered by another entity – this means you may not get your first preference. So be prepared to compromise on a final domain name choice.

Use the TLD (top-level domain)

Businesses operating within Australia are advised to use the TLD because it helps identify you as an Australian Business. You may qualify for other TLDs such as (educational institution) or (not for profit organisation). This is a general rule for SMB. However many other TLDs do exist and may be suitable for your business.

DNS (Domain Name System) Management

How to manage your address on the Internet

Domain Nameservers

Your domain name is your address on the Internet. This is how people find your website and send you an email using You can register domains and control your DNS settings with Katana IT.

Update Your DNS Records

Our DNS dashboard is easy for you to access and manage yourself, or we can manage it for you. This is where your email, website, security and other services are connected to your domain name.

Domain Privacy

You can register for additional domain security and privacy, to help keep your domain and ownership details hidden from the public. Ask us how this works.

Website Hosting Essentials

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

Your website browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, for example) will tell you if a website is not secure. Additionally, antivirus programs may even block you from accessing sites without an SSL Certificate. Add an SSL Certificate to give your site the green tick of approval.

Website Hosting with Backups

Choose the right level of web hosting for you. With monthly or annual payment options available you can adjust your plan to suit you. Manage your hosted backups and get assistance with each step.

Firewall & CDN

For additional security and performance, you can opt for a firewall and CDN (content delivery network) to protect and safely distribute your data. With a firewall, you can control who has access to your site.

Website Support

  • Manual Website Updates & Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Fixing Minor & Major Issues

  • Automated Backups & Updates

  • Performance Optimisation

  • Plugin Setup & Integrations

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Web Design & Development

  • Content Planning

  • Logo Design

  • Unique Website Design

  • WordPress Page Builder or Custom Development

  • Professional Team

  • Instructional Handover

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Website Hosting & Security

  • Domain Registration

  • SSL Certificates

  • Firewall and CDN

  • Fast Website Hosting

  • Email Hosting

  • Monitoring & Security

Recent Reviews by Katana IT Clients

Belco Aluminium

It has been great working with Katana who are very reliable, responsive and same day fix. We look forward to continuing a long and healthy relationship for many years to come.

T&DC Supply Chain Solutions

Katana IT have been involved with managing the IT requirements for T&DC for a number of years now and we have found them to be responsive and knowledgeable in their field.

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections

It has been necessary for us to have lots of networks connected and Katana has always been very good with connecting us up.

Dundalk Pipelaying

We have gone from having issues to having issues dealt with before they happen. Computer problems pretty much do not happen anymore.

VJ Accounting & Taxation Services

We have had a fantastic experience working with Katana IT. They really have taken the stress and the time away from any arising IT issue’s we have had.

Lindsay Civil

In business we don’t have time to have computers down or playing up, Katana IT give us good support and a quick response. I am an old tradesman and my IT skills are limited. I need someone I can rely on for quick response and the right advice.

Telstra Business Centre

Over a 5 year period our business grew from one site located in Campbelltown, to eight sites that stretched from Kiama and Wollongong, through to Rockdale and into Sydney. Wade had full management of it and was a trusted advisor on what was required for both upkeep and improvements.

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