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Which Type of Website Do You Need?

We take a consultative approach to your website and create custom website services for our clients. However, we find that most clients fall into one of these categories:

Basic Website

People asking for a basic website, want a professional presence online, with their contact details and brand on display. This type of website is much like a digital business card. A basic website will typically include around 5 main web pages, such as Home, About, Services, Gallery and Contact. Standard features include a location map, contact form and social media links.

Business Website

A business website typically has more pages, software integrations, digital marketing requirements, analytics tracking, reporting and other functions. Each business will be slightly different in terms of depth of content, required integrations (CRM, accounting packages, calendar bookings and other). This type of website requires more planning and more time in design and development.

Custom Website

Technically speaking, all our websites are custom designed and developed, by using a professional website process. However, when we describe a Custom Website to customers, we refer to special functions and integrations that don’t already exist in the marketplace. If your website needs to do some function to fit your information and workflows, we can offer custom website services to your business.

How to Publish & Manage Your Website

In addition to website design, development and content creation – Katana IT will guide you with a good domain, reliable hosting, security and control of your website dashboard.

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your address on the Internet. This is how people find your website and send you an email using You can register domains and control your DNS with Katana IT website services.

Website Hosting & Security

For people to see your website they must download the information to their device via a web browser. But where is this information stored? Your website files and database are stored on a fast and secure server, with a simple interface that you can access and manage. Our hosting comes with a range of optional security products to give web visitors confidence in your website, prevent attacks and ensure longevity.

Website Management, Updates & Support

Ultimately each website owner is responsible for their own property. However, that doesn’t mean you should be alone when it comes to managing and updating your website. Our expert web designers and developers can offer premium website services and help with your every need, from basic updates, feature upgrades, content editing and more.

Should You Fix or Rebuild Your Website?

Minor Issues, General Upgrades and Maintenance

Something doesn’t look right on your website? You tried to update your site and broke something? Or it just stopped working, for no apparent reason? Every website requires periodic attention from a human. Some websites require more frequent attention than others, depending on the code, functions and hosting environment. With our custom website services, you’ll be compeltely covered. We can assist with your front-end and back-end development, and hosting configuration. To prevent issues from occurring, we can assist by setting up your automated backups and updates.

Major Issues, Re-design and New Features

When you need major work done on your website, we determine the most feasible way to proceed by considering the time required to solve your issues and the end result for your investment. We must consider the current state of your website to decide the most feasible solution, for example – you wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars fixing an unroadworthy vehicle when you could buy the brand new, current model, for less cost. This is a slightly crude example however it rings true for old websites that are unstable, has outdated code, unsupported themes and plugins, and are beyond repair. In many cases rebuilding your old website from a clean slate delivers a better, more sustainable result, and better value.

Website Support

  • Manual Website Updates & Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Fixing Minor & Major Issues

  • Automated Backups & Updates

  • Performance Optimisation

  • Plugin Setup & Integrations

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Web Design & Development

  • Content Planning

  • Logo Design

  • Unique Website Design

  • WordPress Page Builder or Custom Development

  • Professional Team

  • Instructional Handover

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Website Hosting & Security

  • Domain Registration

  • SSL Certificates

  • Firewall and CDN

  • Fast Website Hosting

  • Email Hosting

  • Monitoring & Security

Recent Reviews by Katana IT Clients

Belco Aluminium

It has been great working with Katana who are very reliable, responsive and same day fix. We look forward to continuing a long and healthy relationship for many years to come.

T&DC Supply Chain Solutions

Katana IT have been involved with managing the IT requirements for T&DC for a number of years now and we have found them to be responsive and knowledgeable in their field.

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections

It has been necessary for us to have lots of networks connected and Katana has always been very good with connecting us up.

Dundalk Pipelaying

We have gone from having issues to having issues dealt with before they happen. Computer problems pretty much do not happen anymore.

VJ Accounting & Taxation Services

We have had a fantastic experience working with Katana IT. They really have taken the stress and the time away from any arising IT issue’s we have had.

Lindsay Civil

In business we don’t have time to have computers down or playing up, Katana IT give us good support and a quick response. I am an old tradesman and my IT skills are limited. I need someone I can rely on for quick response and the right advice.

Telstra Business Centre

Over a 5 year period our business grew from one site located in Campbelltown, to eight sites that stretched from Kiama and Wollongong, through to Rockdale and into Sydney. Wade had full management of it and was a trusted advisor on what was required for both upkeep and improvements.

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