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Three ways criminals attack with ransomware

The news lately has been highlighting the increasing number of ransomware attacks and the effects across the globe.

We’d like to help clear up some common questions about ransomware attacks.

First of all, what is a ransomware attack?

It’s where a criminal gains access to your data, and then encrypts it. Your data and information are still where you left them; but you cannot access, read, or use it. It has become basically useless.

If you don’t have unaffected backups, the only way to get your data back is to pay a large ransom fee. Typically the price placed on your data will need to be paid in the form of cryptocurrency.

What effect can ransomware have on your business?

It can be totally devastating. Even without paying the ransom, it can cost your business thousands of dollars to reinstate your data and secure your network. Never mind the days of downtime.

In the case of the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline in the USA, fuel supplies were disrupted, and the effects of the attack were felt by unsuspecting members of the general population.

How do the criminals get in?

There are typically three ransomware attack methods:

  • Exploit kits: These are used to compromise a website with hidden code in adverts (known as malvertizing). These secretly redirect you to a bad page and download a malicious payload, which infects your system.
  • Malicious attachments in email: Often the emails look genuine and appear to be sent by someone you know and trust. That could be someone within your business, a supplier, or even your bank. When you open the attachment, the ransomware is triggered and infects your device.
  • Malicious links in email: You receive a link via email, which infects your device when you click it. Again, these emails seem to be from a believable source, which is why so many people are duped into clicking them.

The more prepared and protected you are, the better.

Let’s talk about malware and keeping your business safe. Contact Wade today https://katanait.com.au/contact-us/

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